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San Antonio Eastern Musician Heading West

Rick Henderson
Rick Henderson with Harmonium

San Antonio musician Rick Henderson has been playing various kinds of Indian music in South Texas for fifteen years, but that’s coming to a close.  He’s moving to the Seattle, Washington area. As he said with a grin, turns out Seattle has more oceans and mountains than San Antonio. But before he leaves, he's putting on  one last concert.

“It’s actually my farewell Texas event, calling it the 'Adios Texas Kirtan.'”

Kirtan is call-and-response chanting, although this isn’t a Hindu event.

“It is not a religious event at all and all walks of life and beliefs are welcome. I will be playing the Harmonium, which is a very traditional Indian instrument. My partner Alice Zimmermann will be singing the response vocals to my lead vocals, and she also plays zither, which we call Swaramandala in this instance. And then I have a very special guest from Austin, violinist Michelle Alany. And then my foundation rhythm man is Kiko Guerrero.”

I asked “So those who just don’t get Indian music—what are they missing?”

“A lot! It’s a music that has incredible depth, richness and nuance, a very pronounced concept about connecting with spirit, the divine, generating  peace, love.  Each artist has to attain a level of being a superb soloist.”

It happens Saturday night at the Quaker Meeting House. He leaves the city with these words from his teacher.

“It’s not a question of American Music or Indian Music. Any music, in rhythm, in tune, is good for your soul.”

We've more on the event here

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