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Former Migrant Workers Step Forward To Tell Untold Stories

courtesy of Richard Zamora
Stories From Migrant Workers Program

Migrant Workers tend to be the nameless, obscure people who pick our fruits and vegetables. Now though, a program has been created to put some of them right in front of you.  That program is called 'Stories from Migrant Workers,' and it comes to us from the Institute of Texan Cultures. Unlike most things from a museum, it’s not a static exhibit, but living, breathing people. I spoke to the ITC's Greg Garret.

“The individuals that we have speaking, participated throughout their youth in traveling up to northern states in harvest season, which were usually late May through the first few weeks of September, because the majority of them would have to get out of school early, and would also show up just a little bit late for the academic season.”

Those young people had to follow with their families harvests of crops from south to north in summer. He says parents had an objective for their children.

“That there was something better coming.”

Often that something better didn’t come. Now though, the 'Stories From Migrant Workers' program has found those who did earn a better future.

“We’ve invited three individuals, two of them actually were migrant workers as children," he said. "They both participated in the CAMP program.”

CAMP is an acronym meaning College Assistance Migrant Program. It was created to help children of Migrant Workers get into college. They serve about 2000 enrollees every year, and Garret says 2 of whom will be speaking at Sunday’s ITC event.

“The Migrant program is going to start at 2 o’clock, and end at four o’clock.”

Each will present the story of their journey from a migrant childhood, to the degreed professional positions they now work.

“It is free because it’s the second Sunday of the month and our Second Sundays are always free,” said Garret.

We’ve more on the Stories from Migrant Workers program here.

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