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McNay Serving Up A Jazz Lunch This Sunday With International Trio

Eileen Pace
TPR News

Jazz, art and lunch: it’s a combination that a local museum is hoping you’ll find alluring. It’s the McNay Art Museum and the jazz that’s being performed isn’t just jazz.

“Music with influences of Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, Spain, with a merging of Jazz, and bringing the best of both worlds together in one scenario,” said Henry Brun, the leader of the International Trio, who will be playing the McNay event.

Brun is also known for his much larger group, Henry Brun and the Latin Players. They’re a much bigger sound, but as Brun explained, the International Trio is much more intimate.

“The instrumentation for this particular trio is an acoustic guitar, a bassist, and a percussionist," said Brun. "The percussion lends a Latin flavor to the music, so we’re able to play jazz and add the Latin influence to it without steering away from the authenticity of the music.”

It all happens this coming Sunday at the McNay Museum of Art, as Brun details.

“We start at 12:30. They’re going to have lunch available so you can have lunch and enjoy your music, and sitting with friends and family," he said.

There’s a mix of audience and cabaret seating to cater to their different types of listeners, and Brun said it’s not a formal affair.

“You don’t happen to dress up either; that’s the kind of environment I like to be in," he said. "I think it’s being catered by Fresh Horizons, so whatever they put out it’s going to be great.”

It costs McNay members $13 for a box lunch and the music, non-members pay $15. The museum has art from around the world, "and the music is another conduit to allow arts to enter," said Brun.