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Steve Finds Luck In Illness

Mar 8, 2018

Chef Steve McHugh is a two-time finalist for the James Beard Award, which honors excellence in cooking and service. His restaurant, Cured, has been an anchor at the Pearl since opening in December, 2013. His Worth Repeating story traces how he came to be in San Antonio and began working for himself.

The Wisconsin-born chef was working for a successful restaurant group in New Orleans, the culinary epicenter. But things didn't feel right, and after months of struggling with illness, he realized it was time for a change, from how he ate, to how he lived, and who he worked for. 

This story was recorded at the March 6, 2018 edition of Worth Repeating, with the theme "As Luck Would Have It." Follow Worth Repeating on Twitter @WRepeating or connect with us via email