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Police: 2 Dead After Building Explosion Shakes Houston

1 hour ago
Industrial buildings in the aftermath of an explosion that occurred Friday morning.

Two people have died following a large explosion at a manufacturing facility in northwest Houston early Friday, Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo confirmed Friday morning. 

Katie Bailey | The Texas Tribune

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz launched a podcast this week where he says he'll air his daily musings about the historic Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, in which he is a juror along with the other members of the U.S. Senate.

Bastrop County is among a slew of fast-growing rural counties in Central Texas struggling to make sure their residents are counted accurately during this year’s census, set to begin this spring.

Volunteer Rocky Rodriguez sterilizes large cooking pots in preparation for Friday's Cowboy Breakfast.
Brian Kirkpatrick | Texas Public Radio

One day in 1979, a traffic reporter spotted smoke coming from the parking lot of Central Park Mall. But instead of finding fire, the reporter found something else: free tacos.

Michelle Barrientes Vela, second from right, attended the press conference held by Judge Nelson Wolff on Wednesday.
Brian Kirkpatrick | Texas Public Radio

Michelle Barrientes Vela — a former Precinct 2 constable who is running for sheriff — has been indicted on multiple criminal charges, according to the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office.

Irene Avine is the aunt of Robert Martinez III, who was shot and killed at Ventura in San Antonio. She said she was upset there was no security the night of the shooting.
Bri Kirkham | Texas Public Radio

Dozens of people turned out Wednesday night for a vigil at Ventura, a bar and music venue where two people were shot and killed and five others wounded on Sunday.


While you can’t yet get a bachelor’s degree in Playstation, St. Mary’s University will let you play for the school team. On Tuesday, the San Antonio West Side University announced esports would become its 12th intercollegiate sport. The university is the first in San Antonio to announce the addition.

Photos of key events in San Antonio's history of Mexican American civil rights activism line the walls of a news conference announcing the launch of a civil rights institute Jan 21, 2020 at Our Lady of the Lake University.
Camille Phillips | Texas Public Radio

An archive of the history of Mexican American civil rights is coming to Our Lady of the Lake University on San Antonio’s West Side.

Updated at 10:51 p.m. ET

House Democrats concluded on Wednesday the first of three days of opening arguments in the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump, arguing that the president must be removed from office for abusing his office and obstructing Congress.

Updated at 1:50 a.m. ET Wednesday

After a long day and night of dueling between the House managers calling for impeachment and attorneys for President Trump declaring the articles of impeachment "ridiculous," the Senate adopted a set of rules that will govern its impeachment trial, in which opening arguments will get underway Wednesday.

The resolution, put forward by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, calls for each side to receive up to 24 hours to argue their case, spread over three days.