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Cave Romance, Dance, And Gospel Music: Your Weekend's Here!

From Opera in a cave, to modern dance to out-n-out Gospel music,  there's a lot going on this weekend. On Saturday, the highly acclaimed Dallas Black Dance Theater performs at the Carver Cultural Center.

"They are here in San Antonio celebrating their 40th Anniversary," says the Carver's Teresa Vasquez Romero.

As to what they'll be dancing to, a big variety of music. "Music from Louis Armstrong, Smooth Jazz Allstars, Ella Fitzgerald, Sammy Davis, so I think part of that is going to be a really beautiful show," she says.

That's on Saturday. If you can't make that, drive to Boerne for some romance in a very unusual place. Here's Hill Country Opera's Arden Dorn.

"Beginning at 6 o'clock with a wine reception and very nice hors d'oeurves, then following that the full dinner. And then at 7:30 we'll be inside the cave for an incredible concert," Dorn says.

That's Boerne's Cave Without A Name, and the concert is 120 feet down, under the ground, with music by Two Dudes and a Diva.

"The temperature is always wonderful at an even 69 degrees and the acoustics are perfect," Dorn says.

They're singing Opera, Broadway tunes and more. Then on Sunday, no bones about it, the Jones Family Singers know their Gospel.

(to hear them sing, hit Listen above, or watch the video below)

The subject of a documentary themselves, the Jones Family Singers will shake the rafters at the The Empire Theatre Sunday afternoon,, and there's little doubt they will move your soul. All in all, a packed weekend full of fun.

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