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 Aug.  20, 2018
Camille Phillips / Texas Public Radio

When the Texas Education Agency rolled out its new school accountability system earlier this year, supporters — including Education Commissioner Mike Morath — called it the “fairest ever.” But some school officials are skeptical.


The Texas Education Agency has finished presenting its argument challenging a Department of Education ruling that threatens to strip millions in special education funding from Texas schools.

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Three small Bexar County charter schools received failing grades on the 2018 academic performance ratings released Wednesday by the Texas Education Agency.

Overall, results from San Antonio’s school districts and charter operators were evenly mixed. This is the first rating using letter grades rather than a pass/fail system.

Ryan Poppe

Lawmakers at the state Capitol are trying to determine what measures they might take during the upcoming legislative session to provide Texas teachers with better financial incentives to remain in their current district.


"School supplies" goo.gl/QgXsgj
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Four months after the U.S. Department of Education found that the Texas Education Agency had broken federal law by effectively setting a cap on the number of children who could receive special education services, TEA has released the final draft of its plan to comply with federal monitoring requirements.