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Washington Post opinion writer Elizabeth Bruenig writes about an accusation of rape that happened in her high school in Arlington in 2006 (:38). Then, Susanna Pringle, legal director of the Texas Fair Defense Project, talks about bail reform in Texas (19:12). And finally, Gary Scout wrote a job ad encouraging "whiners" need not apply (23:20).

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Julissa Arce graduated at the top of her high school class in San Antonio and went on to succeed in college, before becoming a star of Wall Street. Arce was vice president for Goldman Sachs by the time she was 27 years old — all this while also being an undocumented immigrant living in fear of being deported. She spoke to Texas Public Radio contributor Yvette Benavides.

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Indian tribes with possible ties to Frio County around 1,000 years ago are being contacted by state officials to determine what to do with the remains of a Native American found under a bridge, according to the Anthropology Center at Texas State University in San Marcos.


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A federal judge recently blocked a Texas law requiring the burial or cremation of fetal tissue resulting from an abortion or miscarriage.

Jonathan Saenz, an attorney for Texas Values, is an advocate for tough anti-abortion laws. Molly Duane, an attorney for the Center for Reproductive Rights, sued Texas over the legality of the fetal tissue law. They join us on this episode of Texas Matters.

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On the southern tip of Texas, Cameron County is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico to the east and Mexico to the west. It ranks in the bottom 10 percent of the state in terms of overall health factors, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

To counter these health risks, and to spur activity and tourism, a coalition of 11 communities in Cameron County is developing the Lower Rio Grande Valley Active Plan that will link the communities with 428 miles of on-and-off street hike-and-bike and water trails.