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[Mark.] Live at the Lonesome Lounge Sessions

Kristin Quintanilla / Texas Public Radio

[Mark.] is a talented singer and songwriter. His influences are vast and live sound is reminiscent of John Lennon, Post Malone, Alex G and Kurt Cobain - a quintessential combo of inspiration for a Gen Z musician.

On his recorded tracks, he presents lovely and honest lo fi bedroom recordings with layered harmonies, drum machines and Beatle-esque chord progressions.Soap and Sushi, his “quarantine album," is a body of creative ideas that is hard to pin down to any one genre. The track “Liger,” featuring his music partner Damien, is a funky song that sounds like it could have been a collaboration with Gary Wilson and Daniel Johnston.

Given such a large source of musical inspiration, his songwriting and approach to music is still so unique and original. Enjoy this Lonesome Lounge Session!

Presented by Real Ale Brewing and Hill Law Firm with support from Tobin Entertainment. Made possible by Period Modern, Do210 and The Lonesome Rose.

Directed by: Jacob Glombowski

Produced by: Roberto Adrian Martinez

Photography: Kristin Quintanilla

Sound: Alfie De La Garza with Sound Crane Studio

Cameras: Clayton Price and Jacob Glombowski

Edited by: Roberto Adrian Martinez and Jacob Glombowski

Color: Jacob Glombowski

Roberto "Rob" Martinez is a Texas Public Radio writer and contributor. He produces TPR Music's Digging SA and host of the Lonesome Lounge Sessions.