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Yvette Benavides

Writing can be therapeutic and reading makes us feel less alone--these aren't very original ideas but they bear repeating because they are so true.

Houses have figured prominently in the writing career of Sandra Cisneros. Her first book and breakthrough publication was the 1984 “House on Mango Street.” The coming of age novel put Cisneros on the map of American writers but Cisneros herself was still looking for her place on the map of the world.

Texas Matters: Commentary - Crossing Borders

Jun 12, 2015
Michel Marizco / Fronteras

Border Security was a priority for the 84th Texas Legislative Session. The lawmakers passed a budget that will spend 800 million dollars for mission. It’s not clear how the money will be spent, what results are expected and how the Department of Public Safety will be held accountable but it does fulfil political promises.

And as Commentator Yvette Benavides examines - it seems borders in Texas are not always limited to the Rio Grande.

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