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Worth Repeating

Linsey Lindberg is a small business owner, a woman, and she can rip a phone book in half. She is literally a strong woman, like from the circus. So how does someone go from being an office drone to a circus attraction? Listen below and find out.

Angelica Uncensored

Oct 15, 2017

Angelica Mata was on the ropes.  She had been dealing with a lot of big transitions in her life, with things going the wrong direction. It got so bad that she had a hard time leaving the house. 

Chaplain Rafael Lantigua is a Captain in the U.S. Air Force. He's an Army brat so he grew up with the military.

Sheila Black is head of Gemini Ink, so she knows a thing or two about telling a story. In this story she tells us about becoming a mom. 

Neel Lane worked across the street from Travis Park for decades, and the monument to the Confederate dead had rarely crossed his mind. That changed after a journey of reconciliation to Ghana with his church.