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Worth Repeating

Michael Cirlos III

Jennifer Peña hails from San Antonio, and works as a nurse. In her story, she takes us back to grade school and introduces us to her favorite teacher. She comes clean about a time where her drive for recognition from this teacher led her down a dark path.

Michael Cirlos III

When he was 22 years old, Marco Romero was ready for a life change. Like many of us at that age, Romero was just making due, and wanted more from life. He had a dream, but no way to launch it. In pursuing that dream, he may have made a mistake in who he trusted.


Amy Loves Old Things

Dec 15, 2017

Amy Johnson loves old things, a lot.

When one of our storytellers went to the hospital, we were left one short. Amy Rose to the occasion. Listen to astory of her fascinations with the faded, her absorption with the ancient.

Read more of her musings on her website.

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Branden Hart is a San Antonio writer. He has obsessive compulsive disorder which he describes as a "really lame superpower." He has a keen ability to pack for trips, and can worry until he makes himself sick.

The small-town Texan recounted the story of moving to San Antonio and how a stoner college roommate and the toilet seat museum helped him figure out just who he was and how to deal with that. You can follow him on twitter @brandenhart.

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Nathan Cone is the face, brains and voice behind a number of TPR events and programs. He produces "Live At Jazz, Texas," "The San Antonio Symphony on KPAC," and the TPR Cinema Series.

His story is about how a shared obsession of music with a friend helped define a relationship and how that doesn't change just because one person is gone.