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UTSA’s Center for Infrastructure Assurance and Security

Paul Flahive | Texas Public Radio

Updated Aug. 17.

The University of Texas San Antonio is standing up a virtual National Security Collaboration Center while they wait for a physical building, said UTSA president Taylor Eighmy during a speech Tuesday at the Cyber Texas Foundation’s annual conference downtown.

Ryan E. Poppe / Texas Public Radio

The University of Texas San Antonio is often found near the top lists for cybersecurity academics. In a move to capture more research dollars, projects, and internships for its 2,500 cyber security students, UTSA announced Monday the official opening for its National Security Collaboration Center.

NSA http://bit.ly/1CthcRo

A mad scramble to be the nation's hub for cyber security is going on right now between cities across the country. This hundred billion dollar a year industry is only growing, so where does San Antonio stand?

The 24th Air Force cyber command is located in San Antonio, and boasts more than 5,400 cyber warriors and 11,000 reservists ready to "conduct or support,  24-hour, global cyberspace operations."


The University of Texas at San Antonio is collaborating on an  $800,000 grant from the federal government for cyber security research.

The sizable contribution from the Federal Emergency Management Agency isn’t going to student programs, instead it's going to the National Cyber Security Preparedness Consortium, a joint venture between UTSA -- which is the lead -- Texas A&M, Memphis University, University of Arkansas and Norwhich University.


October is Cyber Security Awareness month, and to reach out to the community, UTSA’s Center for Infrastructure Assurance and Security offered a month-long program to educate people who use computers at home, businesses and organizations.

The community seminars are in plain, non-technical language, stressing current issues and solutions.