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Andre Douglas came to the United States from Kingston, Jamaica to pursue his lifelong goal of becoming an elite athlete and earning a college degree. The triple jumper says his parents would do anything to help him achieve that goal. So it hit the UTSA freshman hard when he got a call telling him his life back home had fallen apart. Listen to this story of loss and perseverance. 

This story was recorded at Brick at Blue Star on October 2 as part of Worth Repeating's "Suckerpunch" show. 

UTSA's downtown campus
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The board of regents for the University of Texas System Thursday approved a request for $70 million from the system’s permanent fund to add two new buildings to the University of Texas at San Antonio downtown campus.

Biology student Ranad Humeidi looks into a machine at a lab with chemistry professor Michael Doyle in April 2018.
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The University of Texas at San Antonio has received a $1.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation to increase the number of students earning degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics

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When we sit down to a plate of enchiladas or fideo, we often don’t take note of the history behind what’s on that plate. But the University of Texas at San Antonio does.

The UTSA Libraries Special Collections has incorporated a Mexican cookbook collection of over 1,500 books, including one dating back to 1789. A recent addition to that collection shares recipes from one of the invisible, but ever-present groups of workers at the university.

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More than 31,000 students at the University of Texas at San Antonio return to classes on Tuesday on the main and the downtown campuses, according to a UTSA news release.