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Sex traffickers are drawn to vulnerable kids. Young victims are often homeless or runaways, have previously been abused or neglected, or who have at some point been flagged by social service providers. 

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Life on earth requires certain elements. Humans need oxygen, for example, among many other things. But as we increasingly explore other parts of our universe, researchers are trying to determine whether the signs of life we take for granted here on our planet might be different elsewhere.

It is a philosophical question often pondered by sports writers and curious Redditors: If every college mascot were to fight each other, which would stand victorious when the dust cleared?

UT Will Relocate Jefferson Davis Statue

Aug 13, 2015
Leslie Boorhem-Stephenson / Texas Tribune

Just days after an advisory panel recommended the University of Texas at Austin relocate some or all of its statues of Confederate leaders, UT-Austin President Gregory Fenves announced that the statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis will soon have a new home.

UT Panel: Relocate Confederate Statues or Add Plaques

Aug 11, 2015
Matthew Watkins / Texas Tribune

A task force on Monday recommended the University of Texas at Austin either relocate statues of Confederate leaders or add explanatory plaques.

The 12-person advisory panel of students, alumni and administrators issued recommendations to UT-Austin President Gregory Fenves, who commissioned the report in June, on the same day three statutes were vandalized.

Marsha Miller / University of Texas

AUSTIN — University of Texas Chancellor William McRaven has created a committee to study admissions practices in the wake of an investigation that found unqualified students have been admitted based on their connections.

The announcement Monday comes just days after an external investigation found that the flagship university's president, Bill Powers, used his authority to admit applicants with friends in high places — and then misled lawyers looking into the matter. It also found that members of the board of regents exerted influence over admissions.