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Why isn't San Antonio making more progress toward improving mobility challenges?


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San Antonio is in a race against time to address key transportation issues to meet the demands of a growing population. 

Norway's rugged west coast is home to glaciers, waterfalls and dozens of fjords that draw hordes of tourists each summer. But navigating the extreme topography of the region, which is home to a third of the country's population, isn't easy.

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Solving San Antonio’s transportation needs before the city receives one million more residents by 2040 is the goal of ConnectSA, a non-profit created by the county and San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg.

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If you dread the drive back and forth to work each day, you may consider changing the way you commute. 

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San Antonio repaired 75,000 pot holes last year. The city’s transportation and capital improvements department says it wants to repair even more this year using its Pothole Patrol  crew of more than 30 workers, whose job it is to ride around the city looking for potholes.

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The City of Arlington has replaced its existing fleet of buses with vans operated by Via, an on-demand ridesharing service. Arlington is the first city in Texas to take this step, and it’s among the first cities in the country to try eliminating buses. Supporters of the idea say it is more cost-effective for the city and more efficient for riders. Critics wonder whether all of the city’s bus riders will continue to have access to public transit.

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The Houston-to-Dallas bullet train project is supposed to be able to transport people from one city to the other in just 90 minutes. But is the plan for high-speed rail getting any closer to reality? Announcements and hearings have been happening, of late, including several public meetings Monday in the Houston area. 

The Story Of Houston Is The Story Of Its Highways

Jan 31, 2018

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The story of Houston is more than the history of a shipping channel, oil and gas, or the space program. It's also the story of the highways that link these industries with the people and resources that created growth. Houston highways also changed the layout of communities – relocating some neighborhoods and hemming in others.

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How can San Antonio drivers be convinced to carpool or use public transit to get to work? A new working group aims to find answers.