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The Texas Forensics Science Commission has worked with the federal Drug Enforcement Agency to come up with a new method of testing that could be available to prosecutors by early 2020.
Ryan Poppe | Texas Public Radio

District attorneys throughout Texas haven’t prosecuted low-level marijuana offenses for the past few months because their forensic labs can’t tell the difference between legal hemp and marijuana.

Officials with the State of Texas, working with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, said it has found a solution. But at the recent Texas Marijuana Policy Conference in Austin, some prosecutors said they’re still not convinced to make possession charges a priority. 

Bonnie Petrie | Texas Public Radio

It's been five months since San Antonio opened its Migrant Resource Center downtown, and in that time tens of thousands of asylum-seekers have spent time in San Antonio before moving on to their final destinations. 

Update, 6:20 p.m. ET: This story now includes additional language about the types of ammunition Walmart will no longer sell. 

Walmart announced Tuesday that it will discontinue sales of ammunition designed for handguns and military-style rifles such as the AR-15.

The company will also stop allowing customers to openly carry firearms inside its stores, and called on lawmakers to consider passing new gun control legislation.

Reynaldo Leanos Jr. | Texas Public Radio

Tens of thousands of migrants are in limbo in Mexican border towns because of the Trump administration’s Remain in Mexico policy. The migrants wait for months in sometimes-dangerous conditions before they may appear in a U.S. immigration court. So some volunteers decided to transform a problem into an opportunity. They opened a special school for migrant children in Matamoros so that the kids' education could continue.

El Paso, Dayton, Odessa. Understanding Mass Shooting Trends In America

Sep 2, 2019
Luis Melgar | Guns & America

At a press conference Sunday in Odessa, Texas, FBI special agent Christopher Combs said that the nation is now averaging an active shooter incident “every other week,” a broad term used by the FBI to describe someone “attempting to kill people in a populated area.

Not all of these incidents escalate to the level of a mass shooting.

Law enforcement in Texas released more information Monday afternoon about the investigation into this weekend’s mass shooting which killed seven people and injured 23.

lenn, who played with Armstrong. Neil DeFeo, trombone. Aug. 31, 2019.
Norma Martinez / Texas Public Radio

A San Antonio jazz legend was honored by his friends, family, and former bandmates Saturday.

Brandon Watts |


San Antonio City Hall and most municipal offices will close on Labor Day. 

Recycling, organics recycling and garbage will be collected as scheduled, and the Bitters and Nelson Gardens brush recycling centers will remain open.

Visitors to downtown on Monday will enjoy free on-street parking on Labor Day. All eight Parks and Recreation pools will remain open from 1 to 7 p.m.

Bri Kirkham | Texas Public Radio

It’s been three years since Dorćol Distilling & Brewing Company started brewing their HighWheel brand of beer. And for three years, everytime patrons in their taproom ask to buy a six-pack or fill a growler to take home, they’ve heard the same answer: 


That’s because of Texas laws — which will change on Sunday.

Ryan Poppe

On Sept. 1, more than 800 new laws that passed in the last legislative session go into effect. Other laws signed by Gov. Greg Abbott went into effect immediately and some laws were written to start with the new year.  But most are kicking off at the start of September.