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San Antonio in 1916 was a world where women lacked civil rights, where minorities faced racism in every aspect of life and where workers lacked basic workplace protections or financial security. Into that world, on Dec. 21, Emma Tenayuca was born. As the little girl learned more about the harsh realities around her, she was inspired and determined to transform that world into something better.

Gerald Self works on a harpsichord.
David Martin Davies | Texas Public Radio

Conductor Sir Thomas Beecham once quipped, “The sound of a harpsichord is two skeletons copulating on a tin roof in a thunderstorm.”  Beecham, however, never heard one of Gerald Self’s harpsichords.

Brian Kirkpatrick | Texas Public Radio

A noise-making campaign to rid Bird Island at Elmendorf Lake of its feathered population will take a break for the holidays, according to officials at the United States Agriculture Department.

Max Parrott

Raymondville, Texas, is sometimes known by another name: Prisonville USA.  

Courtesy Azul Barrientos and Esperanza Peace and Justice Center

Enjoy a unique performance of the Nutcracker. Let a Latin American sound reset your holiday spirit. And then listen to tuba players light up the Riverwalk.  

Born on the Laredo-Nuevo Laredo border, Norma Cantú explores the joy, sadness, love, life and the deaths experienced along the border in her new collection of poetry, “Meditación Fronteriza: Poems of Love, Life, and Labor.” (00:30)

Then, Mexican culture comes alive every holiday season with tamales. Making tamales is a family affair where everyone has a role. Carmen Tafolla and Ellen Riojas Clark are the co-authors of “Tamales, Comadres, and the Meaning of Civilization.” (12:10)


Seven candidates are onstage Thursday night for the sixth Democratic presidential debate. It is the smallest and least diverse group yet.

PBS NewsHour and Politico are hosting the debate in Los Angeles, beginning at 8 p.m. ET. It is expected to last about three hours.

A San Antonio researcher says a study he worked on may change the way one type of tuberculosis is treated, and that may lead to a decrease in drug resistance.

Joey Palacios | Texas Public Radio

The City of San Antonio’s Historic Design and Review Commission has advanced parts of the Alamo’s multi-million dollar redevelopment plan in a 7-4 vote.

The commission approved street improvements, landscaping and a placement for the Cenotaph monument – which is one of the most controversial aspects of the $450 million project. The vote comes less than a week after the Texas General Land Office announced the remains of three bodies found during an archaeological dig.

Alamo Colleges Chancellor Mike Flores, center, is greeted by Jefferson High School cheerleaders as he arrives at the launch ceremony for AlamoPromise Oct. 2, 2019.
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On Oct. 2, Jefferson High School cheerleaders lined the sidewalk of their school to welcome dignitaries to the high-profile launch of the Alamo Colleges’ free tuition program, AlamoPROMISE.