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An environmental advocacy group has filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, claiming federal officials are failing to protect threatened species of salamanders in Central Texas.

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Gov. Greg Abbott signed legislation this weekend that outlawed the use of red light cameras.

However, there’s a loop-hole to the law.  If a municipality has a contract with a camera operator, it may continue to use the devices.

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Holly McDaniel is the executive director at the Austin Diaper Bank, primarily working to distribute diapers and menstrual products to partner agencies around the city.

Usually, she sits in an office or packages supplies in a warehouse overflowing with diapers and menstrual products. But, in the last few months, she headed out to the Texas Capitol to testify at the House Ways and Means Committee.

Recently leaked documents could impact an ongoing federal lawsuit challenging Texas' redistricting efforts.


Oscar Casares is known for his short story collection, "Brownsville," a publication that has become a new classic about life in this border city. 

The Texas Historical Commission has recognized musician Lydia Mendoza as a significant contributor to Texas history by awarding her an official Texas History Marker.

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Texas incarcerates more women than any other state. The number of women in Texas prisons has ballooned since 1980, growing by nearly 1,000% – twice the rate of men. 


Some politicians paint such a dire picture of the Texas/Mexico border it’s natural to wonder where all this is leading.

The scene is a Washington D.C. in turmoil. There’s a "constitutional crisis" with a president who argues the law doesn’t apply to him. He ignores congressional subpoenas and is abusing the power of the executive branch for personal and political gain. If Congress doesn’t rise to the challenge and assert itself as a constitutionally empowered co-equal branch of the government, it could mean the end of "checks and balances" and the dawning 0f the imperial president with virtually unlimited power.