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Texas Health and Human Services Commission

From Texas Standard:

Texas' top state leader in the fight against the coronavirus receives no state salary and is allowed to keep his other 30-hour-per-week paying gig overseeing a nonprofit utility.

New Facilities For Migrant Children Slated For Texas

Aug 27, 2019
Inside Casa Sunzal, an unaccompanied minor shelter run by Southwest Key.
Courtesy of Southwest Key

State authorities are mulling over applications for two new shelters that would hold unaccompanied migrant children. Confirmation of the new shelters comes as Southwest Key closes down two of its facilities.

Lead in the blood stream can cause brain damage and behavioral disorders, and it is particularly dangerous for children, but the state of Texas is slow to inform residents how much lead is showing up in their communities.

East Texas Children Lose Therapy Services in Budget Cut Fallout

Oct 4, 2016
Callie Richmond / The Texas Tribune

Nearly 300 East Texas children with disabilities who are part of the state's Early Childhood Intervention program have no one to provide them with medically necessary therapies after the region’s lone provider closed its doors this week in response to hefty budget cuts ordered by state lawmakers.

And another 500 children in North Texas are likely to lose their therapy provider at the end of October, also a result of the budget cuts ordered by the legislature in 2015.

Ryan Poppe

Groups outraged by the state awarding the Heidi Group a $1.6 million contract to provide women’s healthcare have called for an investigation of the procurement of that state money.  Houston Democratic State Rep. Jessica Farrar says the group that was founded by anti-abortion activist Carol Everett does not possess a medical license in order operate.

Abbott: State Agencies Must Make Contracting Changes

Jan 28, 2015

Following a controversial no-bid deal at the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, Gov. Greg Abbott has issued a challenge to state agencies to reform their contracting practices — and given them written direction on how to do it.  

Ryan Poppe | Texas Public Radio

Over the course of the past two months, accusations of scandal, mismanagement and calls for resignations have embroiled the state's Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC), all stemming from a no-bid contract being awarded to a company called 21st Century Technologies, or 21CT.