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Port San Antonio

Lockheed Martin cut the ribbon on its new cyber security facility at Port San Antonio on Monday. The facility will host 100 workers in the Port’s Project Tech building, supporting clients like the 24th and 25th Air Forces as well as NSA Texas. Their activities could range from surveillance, electronic warfare, and other offensive and defensive operations.

Bob Allen / NASA

The Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System will fly for another 19 months. NASA decided to extend the mission because the project provides fresh insight into forecasting hurricane tracks and, more importantly, hurricane intensity. That insight may help save lives.

Oscar Moreno

Sonia Guerra is a young woman with a secret. It’s one that her body kept so well, even she didn’t know it. It started when she was very young. She was suffering from something, but she didn't know what. For days she couldn't eat or drink. She missed school. Doctors misdiagnosed her or told her parents she was making it up. This went on for seven years. Listen to her story below.

Paul Flahive | Texas Public Radio

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It’s a Tuesday night, and hundreds of San Antonio startup leaders sit at rows of tables with college-aged men and women in blazers and skirts. The hopeful students and intrigued small business owners introduce themselves, and the noisy multitude of voices fills the workroom at the Pearl. Every moment counts.

Scott Beale

Rackspace is laying off 200 employees. This is the third February layoff in three years. The trend began shortly after the company was acquired by Apollo Global Management, a private equity firm.

The company said in a statement that like other technology companies, they are constantly rebalancing their workforce. 

Paul Flahive / Texas Public Radio

After grabbing headlines last August by announcing it would build the country’s largest bitcoin mine in Rockdale, Texas, the Chinese cryptocurrency company, Bitmain, suspended operations six months later and let go of most of its staff.

From Texas Standard:

The total market value of the video-gaming industry reached almost $135 billion in 2018, and with that growth has come an increased demand for game developers. In hopes some of its graduates stand out in that market, the University of Texas at Austin is launching a new degree program in video game design and development.


In 2007, China fired a rocket and blew up an aging weather satellite, the Fengyun-1C—just to show it could. The explosion caused 2 million pieces of debris, and about 4,000 fragments were big enough to track.

Courtesy JBSA

In July 2018, the San Antonio-based 24th Air Force, which directs the branch's cyber warfare, was taken out of Space Command and placed under Air Combat Command, or ACC.

The ACC also overseas San Antonio's 25th Air Force, the service’s intelligence gathering arm.

Joyce N. Boghosian

An eagerly awaited national strategy on developing Artificial Intelligence was signed Monday, but lacks key details around funding and implementation.

President Donald Trump signed the executive order launching the “American Artificial Intelligence Initiative,” which is aimed at spurring innovation and maintaining the edge the U.S. currently holds in a field of quickly growing competitors.