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A San Antonio tech startup has raised $1.5 million in seed funding. FunnelAI announced the seed-round success Wednesday morning. FunnelAI uses artificial intelligence to connect car sellers with people searching for cars online.


SpaceX could test its starship this week, and when it does you can watch live thanks to a surf school on South Padre Island, which is across South Bay from the company’s Boca Chica facility.

A new coalition of property rental businesses, travel sites and business trade organizations wants the Texas legislature to upend local ordinances around short-term rentals in lieu of one statewide law.

The years-old debate pits private property rights vs community concerns over the future of neighborhoods.

Courtesy U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Rural Texas businesses could gain $3.7 billion for local rural economies — more than any other state — by connecting them with digital tools and broadband internet access, according to a new report.


Google may help you avoid that speeding ticket. The web giant's popular Maps program rolled out speed trap warnings in several markets, including Texas.

Paul Flahive | Texas Public Radio

A city committee discussed on Monday the ways the city could do more to protect people with disabilities from the city’s 16,000 permitted electric scooters and dockless bicycles.

The Disability Access Advisory Committee was created by city council and  is made up primarily of disability rights advocates and individuals with disabilities. It wrote a list of concerns and possible fixes in a draft memo as the city’s dockless vehicle pilot program enters its final month.

Port San Antonio

Lockheed Martin cut the ribbon on its new cyber security facility at Port San Antonio on Monday. The facility will host 100 workers in the Port’s Project Tech building, supporting clients like the 24th and 25th Air Forces as well as NSA Texas. Their activities could range from surveillance, electronic warfare, and other offensive and defensive operations.

Bob Allen / NASA

The Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System will fly for another 19 months. NASA decided to extend the mission because the project provides fresh insight into forecasting hurricane tracks and, more importantly, hurricane intensity. That insight may help save lives.

Oscar Moreno

Sonia Guerra is a young woman with a secret. It’s one that her body kept so well, even she didn’t know it. It started when she was very young. She was suffering from something, but she didn't know what. For days she couldn't eat or drink. She missed school. Doctors misdiagnosed her or told her parents she was making it up. This went on for seven years. Listen to her story below.

Paul Flahive | Texas Public Radio

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It’s a Tuesday night, and hundreds of San Antonio startup leaders sit at rows of tables with college-aged men and women in blazers and skirts. The hopeful students and intrigued small business owners introduce themselves, and the noisy multitude of voices fills the workroom at the Pearl. Every moment counts.