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Paul Flahive / Texas Public Radio

San Antonio officials are trying to regulate the now 745 electric scooters swarming downtown.


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The Department of Justice gave a San Antonio housing group legal ammunition Friday afternoon in their discrimination lawsuit against Facebook.

Paul Flahive | Texas Public Radio

Updated Aug. 17.

The University of Texas San Antonio is standing up a virtual National Security Collaboration Center while they wait for a physical building, said UTSA president Taylor Eighmy during a speech Tuesday at the Cyber Texas Foundation’s annual conference downtown.

Paul Flahive | Texas Public Radio

This is the fifth session for University of Texas at San Antonio sophomore Alesandro Salazar.

Each time he sits in this sound booth, wearing a skullcap of sensors, he recites nonsensical phrases from a computer monitor.

They’re intended to make him stutter.

Courtesy NASA and Solar Dynamics Observatory

Fifty years after first conceived, NASA is scheduled to begin its historic mission to “touch the sun.” The Parker Solar Probe launches from Cape Canaveral on Saturday and, if successful, will travel seven times closer to the sun than any other spacecraft, at 3.8 million miles from the surface.