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Paul Flahive | Texas Public Radio

Riding electric scooters will be banned from sidewalks in San Antonio beginning Monday.


San Antonio will study the depths of its digital divide, including the number of people who don't have access to the Internet, know how to use it or a capable device. Access to the Internet means access to health and government services, transportation, and education — and for many it’s a necessity.

Paul Flahive | Texas Public Radio

Josh Ramos, 20, is an entrepreneur who believes he’s created something that could make owning a gun much safer.


Courtesy of Southwest Research Institute

Satellites built in San Antonio will revolutionize our understanding of solar wind and space weather — the energy discharge that blanked out communications satellites, damaged power grids and affected flights.

Bexar County is turning to a local tech company to help people released from prison secure  jobs.

Courtesy Hulu

Bexar County voted to claw back incentives given to television streaming provider Hulu. The city will also terminate its incentive deal within 45 days.

Anna Vasquez, second from left, served 13 years of a 15 year sentence for a crime that never happened.
Joey Palacios / Texas Public Radio

The Houston City Council appointed Anna Vasquez on June 5 to the Houston Forensic Science Center’s board of directors. Vasquez was wrongfully convicted of a sex crime in 1998, and she served more than 13 years in prison along with three friends who are collectively known as the San Antonio Four. They were exonerated in December 2018.

You can shed one of the scooter apps on your smartphone. The first electric scooter company will leave San Antonio after a year of increasing numbers — more than 16,000 dockless vehicle permits — leading to a cap along with forthcoming regulations and limits.


First American Financial

A massive data leak potentially revealed 885 million documents detailing private mortgage information last month, many including social security and bank account numbers.

Office of the Governor

Three of the five bills dealing with expanding broadband in Texas are either waiting on the governor’s desk or are already in effect. The results have proponents optimistic.