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Eric Bell laughed and chatted with a group of tech workers on a sidewalk in downtown San Antonio. He was excited to tell them about his new company, Blue Duck Express.

Codeup graduated the first class from its new data science program in June.  

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Blockbuster would have crushed Netflix. That's what Netflix founder Reed Hastings now thinks about the bankrupted corner brick and mortar store, had Blockbuster continued to roll out its version of a streaming service. But Blockbuster ran out of money, he said, and its parent-company Viacom gave up.

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While it's hard to imagine kids today won't get to experience the joys of a video store, it isn't hard to understand why: the annoyance of every copy of the hit movie you came to rent being gone, the lack of quality alternatives, followed by the some-percent chance you will have to go back because the DVD was scratched.

A new coalition of property rental businesses, travel sites and business trade organizations wants the Texas legislature to upend local ordinances around short-term rentals in lieu of one statewide law.

The years-old debate pits private property rights vs community concerns over the future of neighborhoods.

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The Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System will fly for another 19 months. NASA decided to extend the mission because the project provides fresh insight into forecasting hurricane tracks and, more importantly, hurricane intensity. That insight may help save lives.

Paul Flahive | Texas Public Radio

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It’s a Tuesday night, and hundreds of San Antonio startup leaders sit at rows of tables with college-aged men and women in blazers and skirts. The hopeful students and intrigued small business owners introduce themselves, and the noisy multitude of voices fills the workroom at the Pearl. Every moment counts.

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An eagerly awaited national strategy on developing Artificial Intelligence was signed Monday, but lacks key details around funding and implementation.

President Donald Trump signed the executive order launching the “American Artificial Intelligence Initiative,” which is aimed at spurring innovation and maintaining the edge the U.S. currently holds in a field of quickly growing competitors.

Paul Flahive | Texas Public Radio

Jessica Quintanilla, a hydrologist for the Edwards Aquifer Authority, sloshes back onto shore in her black waterproof boots from the middle of this creek just off Scenic Loop Road, south of Grey Forest.

“Next, we have to set up the peristaltic pump,” she said, as she inserts the white, quarter-inch tube she dragged 15 feet back to shore from her water sensor, before flipping on a generator and starting the pump.

A free program to teach digital skills to San Antonio veterans launched by two tech non-profits began accepting applications Friday.