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San Antonio’s technology industry received mediocre marks on a report published this week. 

Data from commercial real estate investor CBRE’s 2019 Scoring Tech Talent report reflects a city where growth in technology workers slowed the past two years, average wages in key tech jobs fell and local universities produced more technology degree earners than local employers could accommodate. 

High paying technology jobs and the firms that go along with them are seen as the key to future prosperity in many communities. 

Paul Flahive | Texas Public Radio

The Governor’s office says Hulu’s incentive deal from the state is not in jeopardy, despite the company losing both city and county incentives last month.

H-E-B announced it would test an automated vehicle to bring groceries to customer homes later this year. The San Antonio grocer is partnering with San Francisco startup Udelv to provide the service to Olmos Park residents. Customers will be able to order groceries online to be delivered in climate controlled compartments on a human-free vehicle.

Codeup graduated the first class from its new data science program in June.  

Paul Flahive | Texas Public Radio

Two hundred and thirty five graduation certificates were served up with mashed potatoes and green beans at a local cafeteria Tuesday. It was the largest class of over-60s to graduate from the Senior Planet program in San Antonio. Courses teach computer basics, social media and connecting online. Classes try to tackle social isolation among seniors with internet skills.

From Texas to Egypt and Australia, a San Antonio company is making inroads in classrooms around the world. 

Paul Flahive | Texas Public Radio

Riding electric scooters will be banned from sidewalks in San Antonio beginning Monday.


San Antonio will study the depths of its digital divide, including the number of people who don't have access to the Internet, know how to use it or a capable device. Access to the Internet means access to health and government services, transportation, and education — and for many it’s a necessity.

Paul Flahive | Texas Public Radio

Josh Ramos, 20, is an entrepreneur who believes he’s created something that could make owning a gun much safer.


Courtesy of Southwest Research Institute

Satellites built in San Antonio will revolutionize our understanding of solar wind and space weather — the energy discharge that blanked out communications satellites, damaged power grids and affected flights.