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When we go through the experience of deep loss after the death of a loved one, it might feel like our brains are being ripped apart. In a way, that is what is happening.

There is a growing body of scientific evidence that shows grief has a physical impact on the brain.

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Consumers are increasingly loyal to brands that take a stand, as long as it falls in line with their own. How are people influenced by their beliefs when choosing where to spend money?

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San Antonio is known as a family-friendly city, good for raising kids and growing communities. How can we help provide an enriching early childhood experience for the next generation?  

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As the city celebrates Fiesta, party-goers raise the risk of an alcohol-related crash. Meanwhile, residents and local law enforcement are keeping a more watchful eye on the road. 

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Sex traffickers are drawn to vulnerable kids. Young victims are often homeless or runaways, have previously been abused or neglected, or who have at some point been flagged by social service providers. 

Texas Public Radio's signature talk show "The Source" hosted San Antonio mayoral candidates Ron Nirenberg and Greg Brockhouse for a live forum Monday. What are their visions for San Antonio? Where do they stand on critical policies? What can we learn from their records?

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Wednesday at noon on "The Source" — Death is something everyone faces but not something everyone plans for, even if they are able to. What are the various approaches to end-of-life care and how do you decide what’s right for you or your loved one?

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Tuesday at noon on "The Source" — On Tuesday, Texas students will begin taking the state's standardized test – known as STAAR – amid renewed criticism about its ability to accurately and fairly measure academic performance. 

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One in five homeowners and more than half of renters in San Antonio are burdened by housing costs. What does that mean for the families who live on the margins?

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Missing a ticketing platform's initial on sale time for a popular event most often results in one of two outcomes: You don't go or you end up paying many times the face value to get in. Even worse, you show up after paying double or triple the original price and find out your tickets are counterfeit.

What should you know to avoid being a victim of ticket fraud?