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The coronavirus pandemic is causing disruptions to food and agriculture supply chains around the world, including in Texas. 

The coronavirus pandemic has many Texans worried about voting in person in the state's mid-July primary runoff election. Mail-in voting could be a gamechanger, especially in a public health crisis -- why is it so controversial? What are the pros and cons of expanding access to absentee voting?

This week on ask the expert, Dr. Berggren answers questions about whether schools should continue wind instrument teaching, if the coronavirus can travel through air conditioning systems and whether the use of facial coverings should be enforced.  

COVID-19 has been a disruption of seismic proportions and it's taking a toll not only on peoples' physical health, but their mental well-being. 

The pandemic has upended most all aspects of daily life, including a major shift in where and how work gets done for millions of U.S. employees. While there are perks (no morning commute!), working from home also comes with its own set of unique challenges.

Though restaurants in the Quarry remain open for curbside to-go service, a majority of the other businesses are closed, including the Regal Alamo Quarry theater and Gold's Gym.
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In conjunction with an economic team, a nine-person task force comprised of local medical and public health experts will advise San Antonio City Council on the best ways to reopen the economy. 

This week, Dr. Ruth Berggren answers questions about antibodies testing, maintaining health routines for chronic diseases and whether Tamiflu works as a possible treatment for COVID-19.

Several weeks of coronavirus data indicate an overwhelming number of the virus’ victims are people of color. Once called "the great equalizer," COVID-19 is instead magnifying inequalities across American economic, social and civic systems.

On Friday, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced the first phase of his plan to reopen the state's economy, which has been mostly shuttered due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, by May 1. 

The federal government is spending $2 trillion to help individuals and entities hurt by the COVID-19 public health emergency. What's in the stimulus package and how could it help you?