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A recent investigative series by the KSAT 12 Defenders, "Broken Blue," looks into why officers involved in some of SAPD's most notorious firings were later rehired to serve and protect. In one case, an officer who has lost his job 6 different times is fighting for yet another reinstatement.

Social, emotional and academic skills are all essential to student success. Schools are increasingly incorporating social-emotional learning to provide a more comprehensive, supportive, equitable education experience. 

In the age of the Internet-of-things, every digital device you own collects information about you, while websites, corporations and social media platforms use different techniques to surveil and track your personal data.

Down syndrome is the most common genetic chromosomal disability around the world. Approximately 6,000 babies are born with Down syndrome every year in the U.S., but much about the disorder is still unknown or misunderstood.

Across the U.S., including in Texas, there are simply not enough nurses. Demand for all types will likely exceed Texas' healthcare workforce supply by the end of the decade, with a labor deficit of 59,970 Registered Nurses alone.

The 2010s saw dramatic changes to the technology landscape. How did increased Internet and social media use, ubiquitous smartphones and the emerging Internet of things affect how humans learn, work and interact with each other over the past decade?

Testosterone is both blamed and praised for varying human behaviors. How do the biological hormone's actual functions compare to its non-scientific, word-of-mouth history and what's been the impact of these common misunderstandings?

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On this year-in-review episode, David Martin Davies talks with Texas Public Radio reporters about the top stories they covered in 2019.

Janis Joplin has been called the queen of rock and roll, second only to Bob Dylan as the "creator-recorder-embodiment of her generation's mythology."

Mexico and Canada are Texas’ biggest trading partners, accounting for $230 billion in 2018. After more than a year of talks, a new trade deal between the two countries and the United States could soon go into effect, pending Senate approval.