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THURSDAY at noon on "The Source" — In the next 20 years, experts predict there will be a drastic increase in the adoption of electric and hybrid cars. How are Texas cities including San Antonio preparing for more electric vehicles?

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Research shows friendships can make you healthier and happier, while loneliness is a risk factor for early mortality. What biological mechanisms mediate our ability and desire to connect with others?

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Thousands of acres of former coal mining land in Texas could be contaminated because of the state's lax enforcement of industry requirements.

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Meat has long been ingrained in the American identity as a meal staple, but there are growing health and environmental concerns related to its consumption and production. How do meat and meat-like products factor into a sustainable food future?

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The goal of financial literacy is to build the knowledge and skills needed to understand basic financial concepts.

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Five San Antonio nursing homes were flagged for alleged instances of abuse and neglect of their residents.  

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The City's Department of Arts and Culture and the San Antonio Arts Commission are seeking feedback on a draft plan focused on enhancing and promoting performing arts. What needs and opportunities exist when it comes to this sector of the creative community?

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Diwali is traditionally five-day holiday that champions knowledge over ignorance, light over darkness and good over evil. People all over the world participate in the annual celebration of Indian culture, including in San Antonio where more than 30,000 took part in Diwali festivities last year. 

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For many families, a house can be the greatest financial asset over a lifetime. More than two-thirds of Americans owned their own home by the new millennium, but the financial crisis in 2008 led to a debilitating collapse of the housing market. 

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San Antonio’s homeless population is sitting at 2,872 people, according to Continuum of Care groups during an annual point-in-time count (PIT) in January. The one night snapshot of San Antonio’s homeless population recorded an overall decrease of 6% compared to 2018’s PIT count.