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On June 8, voters will decide who will replace mayoral candidate Greg Brockhouse as their District 6 San Antonio City Council representative. 

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On June 8, voters will decide between runoff candidates Jada Andrews-Sullivan and Keith Toney to represent District 2 – which covers most of San Antonio's East Side – on City Council.

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 On June 8, District 4 voters will decide whether to elect Johnny Arredondo or Adriana Rocha Garcia to represent their interests on the San Antonio City Council.

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Technology has transformed how we interact with the world, how we communicate with each other and how we consume information. Between smartphones, computers, tablets, TV sets and video games, screen time can easily dominate your waking hours. 

What does this increased digital consumption mean for the human brain? How can you find a screen-time limit that works for your life?

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WEDNESDAY at noon on "The Source" — Fifty percent of Texas children ages 17 and under have gone through at least one adverse childhood experience. How can a trauma-informed approach to providing health care, education and other services benefit individuals who experienced trauma at an early age? 

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Summer is the greatest time of need for food assistance, but typically the slowest time of year for food donations. 

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MONDAY at noon on "The Source" — More than 19 million adults in the U.S. and over 6 million children suffer from asthma-related symptoms, according to the National Center for Health Statistics.

San Antonio Roads Aren't Safe For Cyclists

May 1, 2019
Joey Palacios/Texas Public Radio

Cyclists are considered vehicle operators and are held to the same standards as motorists, but are significantly more vulnerable on the road. What needs to happen to ensure both cyclists and drivers feel safe sharing San Antonio streets?

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Opening your own business is part of the original American Dream, but without the right game plan and resources it be a long and complicated process. 

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Texas lawmakers are working on an omnibus elections bill that could crack down on cases of election fraud. Supporters say the proposed legislation will curb illegal voting while others worry that if passed, the new rules could result in voter intimidation and suppression.