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A San Antonio museum specializing in science, technology and math is inviting young people to learn from home.  

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One of the state's premier Natural History Museums, the Witte, is closed like all the others. It’s caused them to rethink how they do what they do, and be creative with solutions. 

Testosterone is both blamed and praised for varying human behaviors. How do the biological hormone's actual functions compare to its non-scientific, word-of-mouth history and what's been the impact of these common misunderstandings?

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Research shows friendships can make you healthier and happier, while loneliness is a risk factor for early mortality. What biological mechanisms mediate our ability and desire to connect with others?

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Most people know Bill Nye the Science Guy. Well, Texas has its own science booster of sorts, but she is what the Dallas Observer called "the hipper, more accessible Bill Nye for the digital generation."

Sahana Srinivasan is a University of Texas at Austin senior who was born in Houston, raised in Dallas and is the daughter of engineers. Her Netflix science show "Brainchild" has made her one of the fastest-rising young celebrities in streaming TV.

Students run past CAST Tech High School, one of San Antonio ISD's new specialized schools in May 2018.
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San Antonio is joining more than 60 other cities collaborating to better prepare students for careers in science and technology.

The city has been selected to be a part of a national organization called STEM Ecosystems.

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The term "pseudoscience" describes practices, theories or beliefs which claim to be logical and based on empirical research, but lack significant scientific support. 

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Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland is home to a little-known Department of Defense program called Starbase Kelly.  Its participants are kids between the ages of 10 and 12. They design rockets, build 3D models and conduct experiments in order to gain exposure to STEM concepts.

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On Earth Day this Saturday, Americans across the country will come together to March for Science

This winter brings the latest installment of the Star Wars franchise, full of familiar costumes, familiar villains, and the familiar "pew pew pew" of space guns. But you can skip the movie theatre and still hear those iconic blaster sounds if you visit a frozen lake.