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San Antonio Poet Laureate

Courtesy of Octavio Quintanilla

Poet Laureates are government-appointed figures whose voices not only promote poetry, but often reflect and speak to the current sentiment of the country. In 2012, San Antonio became the first Texas city to name its own poet laureate.

The city’s current Poet Laureate, Octavio Quintanilla, wraps up his two-year term this year.

Courtesy of Octavio Quintailla

Pursue the preservation of poetry through education. Inspire established and emerging generations of literary artists and readers. Celebrate the literary voices of the San Antonio community. These are a few of the expectations of the San Antonio Poet Laureate. 

Every two years, a poet is chosen to fulfill these expectations as the ambassador for poetry and the literary arts in San Antonio. In 2012, San Antonio became the first major city in Texas to create this local appointment.