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With housing inventory low and demand high, it's officially a “seller's market" in San Antonio.

What should homeowners know before making a decision to sell?


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The idea of buying a house is exciting but daunting. Whether purchasing a first home or a forever home, wrong choices can be costly. What should future homebuyers know and to

make the process manageable and be confident about important decisions?



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The lines were long and the phones steadily rang at the Bexar County Tax Appraisal District Office on North Frio downtown. Wednesday was the last day to file a protest over the appraised value of a home or business.

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Summer home sales are heating up in San Antonio, where the real estate market has long been considered to be affordable and family-friendly.  


Texas voters are being asked to go to the polls and decide on seven constitutional amendments.

These propositions vary from offering a property tax exemption (Prop 1) for partially-disabled veterans who received a donated home to allowing banks and credit unions (Prop 7) conduct host savings promotion raffles to promote savings by offering prizes.

“Texas Matters” is zeroing in on Prop 2, which — in a nutshell — changes Texas home equity lending provisions.


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International homebuyers are banking on the health of the Texas real estate market. A report from the Texas Association of Realtors says that sales of Texas properties to international buyers increased by almost 60 percent between April 2016 and March of this year.

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School’s out for the summer, and that means home prices are on the rise as families look to move before their children head back to school in the fall. Experts say it’s a healthy market.


Lorena Pena is the Chairman Elect for the San Antonio Board of Realtors. She says prices in San Antonio in general have been steadily rising because the city is a desirable place to live, in part, because of the robust employment market.

With her infant son in a sling, Monique Black strolls through a weekend open house in the gentrified Shaw neighborhood of Washington, D.C. There are lots of factors to consider when looking for a home — in this one, Monique notices, the tiny window in the second bedroom doesn't let in enough light. But for parents like Black and her husband, Jonny, there's a more important question: How good are the nearby schools?

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There’s an area on San Antonio’s Northeast Side that’s considered one of the hottest home markets in the country.

People are flocking to the 78247 zip code.  It comes in at No. 5 out of 32,000 zip codes in the country for home sales, according to

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