The Playhouse

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A Broadway classic, a photo exhibit and chamber music — there is plenty to do this weekend.


Contributed photo

From an art exhibition to an artful drama to comedy done without a word, your weekend is here.

Daniel D. Baumer

From a retro celebration on the west side, to hot jazz, to a fully air-conditioned musical,  there's plenty to do in the Alamo City this weekend.

First off tonight--the Guadalupe Theater looks good for its age, but let's face it: it's turning 75.  Executive Director Christina Balli explains on how they're marking its birthday.

Siggi Ragnar

The Playhouse is staging an unusual production. I was able to speak to one of its actors to find out what’s so different. She’s Corina Zars, and here she explains the regular part of what happens.

“The Mystery of Edwin Drood is basically a play within a play. It is a group of Victorian-era actors from the Royal Music Halls in London, and they are putting on the play Edwin Drood.”

But this is where the production jumps the rails just a bit.

Siggi Ragnar

The Playhouse is showing a play with a very interesting construction.   It’s called "The Last 5 Years." Here’s its Director Chris Berry explaining it—read carefully.

“'Last 5 Years' follows the relationship of two characters—it’s a 2-person musical, from the infatuation stage and through their marriage, and then—spoiler alert—through their divorce.

But this is where it gets really interesting.