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As millions of Americans face unemployment and hard economic times because of the coronavirus pandemic, being smart about finances is more important than ever. Many will receive one-time stimulus checks, but that's only a small part of a person's or family's equation for making ends meet.

At least 1 in 10 Americans aged 60+ has experienced some form of elder abuse, but few cases are reported to authorities. In Bexar County, a new collaborative effort aims to crack down on crimes against its senior residents. 

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The goal of financial literacy is to build the knowledge and skills needed to understand basic financial concepts.

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San Antonio has been at the forefront of trying to facilitate responsible payday lending practices, but the process hasn't been easy. 

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From Square and Venmo to Apple Pay and mobile apps custom-made by banks, there are numerous ways to exchange money or manage finances online and on-the-go. 

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Why are more Americans turning from commercial banks to alternative financial services?