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medical research

Will Sansom / UT Health San Antonio

San Antonio researchers have found a critical period of time during which some mobility might be restored to patients with multiple sclerosis. This discovery has doctors stressing the importance of early diagnosis for those with MS.

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A San Antonio researcher has gotten a nearly $2 million grant to come up with a vaccine against the fungus that causes valley fever.

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The Texas House overwhelmingly passed legislation designed to shorten the time when experimental medications can be given to terminally ill patients.  

Oncologists in Texas are currently only allowed to prescribe experimental drugs that have gone through a number of review panels at the US Food and Drug Administration to cancer patients.

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President Obama announced in his State of the Union Address, and followed up with details in late January, a $215 million plan to better design drugs and therapies to work on individual patients rather than average ones.

NPR — along with seven public radio stations around the country — is chronicling the lives of America's troops where they live. We're calling the project "Back at Base," and this is the second installment of the ongoing series.

It was 2005, and Gary Walters had served a year in Iraq. Then, one day, a bomb went off near him, and he suffered severe wounds.