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Texas received an F when it comes to lead levels in drinking water at schools, according to the Texas Public Interest Research Group and Environment Texas Research and Policy Center. That was the same grade it got in 2017. Texas was among 22 states that received the failing grade.

Lead is a powerful toxin that is especially harmful to children. Decades ago, the element was banned from paint, gasoline and water pipes, but it continues to be a hazard.

The City of San Antonio is trying to fix the lead problem, one house at a time.

Lead in the blood stream can cause brain damage and behavioral disorders, and it is particularly dangerous for children, but the state of Texas is slow to inform residents how much lead is showing up in their communities.

David Martin Davies

There are neighborhoods in San Antonio where a high percentage of children are testing positive for lead poisoning.

Lead was eliminated from paint and gasoline decades ago, but the toxic element continues to turn up in blood tests of children. 

At the Robert B. Green pediatric clinic in downtown San Antonio, two-year old Lonnie Romo is here for his check-up. The visit includes finding out if he has lead in his blood.

Dr. Ryan Van Ramshorst asks Lonnie’s parents some routine questions.

"Does he put things in his mouth like soil or clay?"