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La Vernia

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One of the former La Vernia High School students arrested for sexual assault in 2017 for participating in an alleged hazing ritual is headed to trial in July.

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Now through Election Day, Tuesday Nov. 5, Texas voters have the chance to approve or deny 10 proposed amendments to the state's Constitution. 

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The death of a 20-year-old fraternity pledge in San Marcos led Texas State University to suspend all Greek life activities this month. 

It was in late March that Wilson County Sheriffs' deputies showed up at La Vernia High School and began making arrests.

For weeks the community 30 miles south east of San Antonio had seen rumors on social media that hazing rituals with the high school male sports teams had gone too far.

That same day the school district’s superintendent Jose Moreno posted a public statement on Facebook. It read:

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In the midst of an investigation into the ritualized sexual assault of male varsity athletes La Vernia ISD announced safeguards on Monday night. But some parents say that’s not enough.  They’re demanding answers about how the alleged hazing spiraled out of control.

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A lawsuit has been filed in federal court over the alleged hazing and sexual assault of a La Vernia High School football player.

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The Texas Rangers have taken over the investigation of alleged sexual assaults by student athletes in La Vernia, a town of 1,200 people about 30 miles southeast of San Antonio.  Ten students have been arrested and charged in connection with the hazing.  Monday night the superintendent addressed the community.


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Monday evening the superintendent of schools in La Vernia, southeast of San Antonio, is going to talk to the community about an alleged sexual hazing program involving student athletes.  The arrests of at least 10 students have devastated citizens in this rural town of 1,200.

"The goal is to really create a vibrant, walkable, livable downtown area," said Tom Kennely of UTSA's Institute of Economic Development, who could be talking about any city in the United States, or even San Antonio.

Located on Hwy. 87 east of San Antonio, La Vernia is a community of about 1,000. UTSA is working with the City of La Vernia to bring people back to the community's downtown area, and the university also offers business development and community development for 79 counties from its San Antonio office.