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Immigration and Customs Enforcement

President Trump's immigration crackdown has not come cheap.

Take the cost of deportation: Immigration and Customs Enforcement has its own airline operation to fly deportees back home. So far this fiscal year, it's $107 million over budget.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Immigrant rights groups said officials from Immigration and Customs Enforcement coerced members of separated families to sign voluntary deportation documents.

Bonnie Petrie / Texas Public Radio

The the court ordered deadline for the Trump administration to reunite the parents of more than 2,500 children, who were taken from their parents at the border arrived, was Thursday. One mother and daughter, separated in June, were reunited this week and spent deadline day receiving help at Catholic Charities in San Antonio.

Bonnie Petrie / Texas Public Radio

Several families divided by the Trump administration's family separation policies have reunited in San Antonio before beginning the next stage of their journey.

Torn Apart/Separados

The Torn Apart/Separados digital project aims to geographically map the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance policy. Torn Apart is an example of the application of digital humanities.