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Holiday Traditions

Is there a special dish you prepare for the holidays?  Something you do each year to mark the season?  Texas Public Radio wants to hear about the rituals and foods that make this time of year special for you and your family.  Tell us about your holiday traditions by emailing  Include recipes, a photo of yourself and a way we can reach you.  We’ll post your traditions on, and include some of you in our Holiday Traditions broadcasts.  

David Finell

The Ford Holiday River Parade announced their Grand Marshal and other float participants on Tuesday. The River Walk Association's Marketing Diretor Paula Schechter said the Grand Marshal for the Friday, November 29 parade will be wearing cheap sunglasses.

Matt Buikema

One of the city's newest developments, the Pearl, is teaming with the city's oldest, the Missions, for a new twist on a Christmas posada.


Ray Grim

At times, San Antonio's holiday season takes some unusual twists. One of those twists is a nowhere-but-San-Antonio kind of event put on by The Tubameisters, which were a creation long ago by Ray Grim.


Jack Morgan

San Antonio holiday activities kick into high gear Friday, with the Ford Holiday Parade.

The holiday season is full of family traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. So when you become an adult and want to start your own celebrations how do you start new traditions without upsetting those who created the old?

Jack Morgan

San Antonio International Airport's busy pre-holiday schedule has begun. Over the holidays, major airports like San Antonio International can seem cold and impersonal. The stress can be overwhelming. But then you round a corner and hear a band playing It's a Holly Jolly Christmas  right there in the terminal.

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Hi, I'm Ken Slavin and I am a jazz singer here in San Antonio and I have some wonderful Christmas traditions that I look forward to every year. 

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Hello, my name is Tim Hedgepeth and my many Christmas traditions include 'A Charlie Brown Christmas.'


My brother and father and I watched the very first broadcast, must've been in the mid-60s. And I don't think a Yuletide has gone by since then where my Christmas has not been marked by watching that really wonderful show. It is, in many respects, the TV special that defined my life.


I have the music on CD. Let's say this--let's say the music is the sound track to my life. That is the best music ever recorded, I think, for a television program.

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In South Texas it’s almost a given that tamales will be served with the holiday meal. Tamales at Christmas are like ham or lobster in other parts of the country.