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According to the latest predictions, Louisiana is likely to be hardest hit by a storm that could become a hurricane, if Tropical Storm Barry continues to gain strength. Luckily for Texas, the state likely won’t get much rain from that weather system. Nevertheless, it’s a good reminder for Texas to look at how well it’s prepared for the next major storm.

From Texas Standard:

Editor’s note: As Texas Standard first reported on September 11, 2018, The Houston Chronicle investigated work done by its Austin-based reporter Mike Ward. Issues had been raised about the accuracy of his reporting and possible fabrication of sources. On November 8, 2018 The Chronicle published the results of that investigation. Of the eight stories The Houston Chronicle is retracting, Texas Standard interviewed Ward about one of them. Please be advised the reporting this interview is based on contained the views of four individuals who could not be identified in the Chronicle’s investigation.  

As the anniversary of Hurricane Harvey approaches, there are questions about whether the federal and state response to the storm will play a role in the midterm elections. In the first stages of recovery, state leaders and local officials in towns hit hard by the storm expressed anger over what they felt was a delayed response from federal and Texas officials. But as time goes by, and more people have gotten back to a new normal, and it may be that those sentiments are not as strong.

It’s been seven weeks since Harvey hit the Texas coast, and the small inland town of Refugio is still in recovery mode. The process has been slower than residents would like, but spirits are high.

“It’s been rough,” said florist Mary Rushing. “Of course, we closed down for two to three weeks, you know, mold and stinky and stuff like that.”

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In Port Aransas, schools are out, but not for summer. Port Aransas ISD’s three schools are still closed due to damage from Hurricane Harvey, and students have to attend classes elsewhere. In the third part of our "Rebuilding After Harvey" series, we take a brief look at the Port Aransas school system and what administrators are doing to reopen it.

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An Air Force reserve crew flew from JBSA-Lackland to Houston with relief supplies on Wednesday.  It was the first heavy cargo load to be airlifted to the flood-ravaged city.