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Texas politics has never been very accommodating to third parties and their efforts to win votes. The Libertarian party has been perceived as siphoning votes away from the Republican party, and the Green Party from the Democrats.

How Germany's Green Party Keeps Winning

Dec 29, 2018

German politics is going through a major transformation. For most of the postwar period, two giants have dominated — the center-right Christian Democrats, CDU, and the center-left Social Democrats, SPD.

Now the two big parties, which form the current coalition government, are in trouble. Their support has sunk. Yet, while one upstart far-right party has taken much of the blame, another group from the left has been quietly charging up the polls: the Greens.

Ryan Poppe

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein finished her tour of the Lone Star State with two stops in Austin on Monday.  Stein, during her speech, to supporters said one of the biggest challenges has been competing for undecided voters in order to count as a major political party.

“If we get to 5 percent then it’s a whole new ballgame; then we’re on the ballot, we’re a recognized political party," Stein told reporters. The latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows Stein with 2 percent of the overall national vote.

At the Green Party national convention in Houston, Bernie Sanders may have been mentioned more often so far than the party's own presumptive nominee, Dr. Jill Stein.

The progressive third party has a rare opportunity to expand its reach by picking off disaffected supporters of the Vermont senator. The group had planned to have about 250 people at its quadrennial gathering, but organizers said in the past few weeks interest exploded and that now more than 500 people are expected.