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All Things Floating And Gliding: Parades!

Apr 10, 2018
San Antonio Business Journal

In this episode of TPR's offical Fiesta podcast, hosts Angela McClendon Johnson and Asia Ciaravino take a look at San Antonio’s parade tradition, run down a few facts and figures, and pull some imaginary history out of a hat about how the first river parade got started. Then San Antonio’s District 1 Councilman Roberto Treviño shares memories of visiting San Antonio as a young boy during Fiesta, and how the city puts on three giant parades within the span of one week.

Living Cornyation History, With Ray Chavez

Apr 5, 2018
Joey Palacios / Texas Public Radio

In this episode of TPR's Fiesta podcast, hosts Asia Ciaravino and Angela McClendon Johnson share some of their own Cornyation stories, and we visit with the man himself: Ray Chavez. 

King Antonio, El Rey Feo, Miss Fiesta, the Queen of Soul, the Queen of San Antonio Charro Association,  Fiesta San Antonio is graced with a dizzying number of "royal" guests.

In this third episode of TPR's "Fiesta" podcast, hosts Asia Ciaravino and Angela McClendon Johnson explain who the Fiesta royals are, and how they get to be that way. Then, Miss Fiesta 2015 Alixandra Peña drops by to talk about being Fiesta royalty.

This is Episode 3 in an eight-part series.

Joey Palacios / Texas Public Radio

Fiesta 2018 is just three weeks away. At that time, you can expect the return of Fiesta events, flamboyantly dressed royalty, and all-day festivals to make their triumphant return to San Antonio on April 19. But it takes a small army of non-profits to bring Fiesta to life.

There Are Like 1,034,567 Fiesta Events

Mar 26, 2018
Cyle Perez / Texas Public Radio

In episode two of our eight-part series "TPR Takes On: Fiesta," hosts Asia Ciaravino and Angela McClendon Johnson run down a few of the many events all over town that make up Fiesta. They each reveal their favorite events, and how they manage to squeeze it all into ten days.

TPR Takes On: Fiesta — 'In The Beginning ...'

Mar 15, 2018
Cyle Perez / Texas Public Radio

In this first episode of our eight-part podcast, “TPR Takes On: Fiesta," hosts Asia Ciaravino and Angela McClendon Johnson look back at the origins of San Antonio’s “party with a purpose” through some creative storytelling.

The duo then gets schooled on what Fiesta San Antonio really is, and we learn the difference between the Alamo City's celebration and Mardi Gras.

Joey Palacios / Texas Public Radio

Cornyation — a spoof of the more formal Fiesta Coronation — lambasts the rich, powerful, controversial and political with a dose of satire and inside jokes relevant to Texas, San Antonio, and the nation.

This year’s Cornyation is the Court of Insane Privilege presided over by King Anchovy the 52nd Jeffrey James. The designers of the more than dozen four-minute skits spend months creating elaborate costumes and building sets to bring the spoofs to life. Each skit takes on politicians and any noteworthy celebrity deemed worthy of facetious attention.

  There are many ways to get to all the Fiesta events downtown.  

There’s VIA Park and Ride, and free rides for first-time Uber users…but what if you decide to risk driving and parking downtown?  

If you’re expecting to take advantage of free Downtown Tuesday parking, you’re out of luck.  

John Jacks, director for Center City Development and Operations, explains.


Joey Palacios / Texas Public Radio

It’s more than a month until Fiesta, but the frenzy of collecting and trading Fiesta medals is well underway.  Why are some medals sold so early, before the 11-day celebration begins and what effect do sales have on a nonprofit that uses them as a fundraiser?

The line outside the Fiesta store on Broadway nearly wrapped around the building. Most of these folks are waiting to buy Spurs medals. Anita Kaufmann had been waiting at least 30 minutes but collecting months in advance is key.

Fiesta San Antonio Commission

The official Fiesta 2017 poster was unveiled last night. Twenty-five San Antonio area artists had submitted designs for the Fiesta San Antonio Commission’s annual contest. New Braunfels-based artist Therese Spina’s design was revealed to members and guests of the Fiesta San Antonio Commission at The Witte Museum's Mays Family Center.