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Fiesta 2019

Fiesta 2019: The Medals

Apr 12, 2019

Fiesta season has begun, and one of its best elements are the medals. Every year, it seems, more businesses and groups join the creative fun. Click through the slideshow to see some medals from this year.

Brian Kirkpatrick | Texas Public Radio

A giant crane lowered 32 barges into the San Antonio River Friday as organizers prepared for the Texas Cavaliers River Parade on April 22.

Texas Public Radio

Workers race to build a music stage on the campus of St. Mary's University. Carnival rides are assembled. Food booths are arranged in neat rows. And then there's the oysters -- thousands of oysters. All of that means only one thing: Oyster Bake, Fiesta 2019's first big party, is here.

Jack Morgan | Texas Public Radio

A new exhibit set to open at the Institute of Texan Cultures, just in time for Fiesta. Michael Quintanilla is one of two artists exhibiting works that fit perfectly into the biggest party of the year.