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Multiple law enforcement agencies served numerous search and arrest warrants in the Seguin, San Marcos, San Antonio and Fort Worth areas Tuesday. The two-year investigation, called Operation Sinner, targets activities of a drug trafficking organization operating in the greater Seguin and San Antonio areas.

Bexar County is seeing the emergence of more specialty courts that target specific populations and offer offenders a rehabilitative path forward.

Joel Was Mixed Up

Nov 19, 2018
Roberto Martinez

Joel Rivas was mixed up. When he was a young man working in food service, he was binging on drugs and alcohol, and living a very night owl sort of life. But after yet another job bounced him for drugs, he knew it was time to get it together.

Fast forward 20 years, and Joel has it together. He has a family, a career, and a bank account with money in it. But things are souring. 

Again, in a crisis, Joel retreats to regroup. Here is his story: 

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From Texas Standard:

A type of synthetic marijuana that is undetectable on standard drug tests is quickly becoming the most popular form of contraband in Texas prisons.

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Local officials and community members are actively working together to address the issue of a new and more potent synthetic cannabinoid on the streets in San Antonio.

From Texas Standard

Federal law doesn't allow states to drug test food stamp recipients, but there is no such law for another program that gives federal grant funds to states to provide families with financial assistance and other support services. Nine states currently require either screening or drug testing for adults seeking to receive the federally funded Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). Now Texas wants to join them.

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Texas has allocated $800 million to stopping migrants and drugs from crossing into the U.S. during the 2016 and 2017 fiscal years. Yet these efforts may not compensate for the ongoing exchange of drugs, guns and labor.

The Texas Tribune's Bordering on Insecurity project looks at the demand for foreign workers and contraband in the United States, plus how these economic opportunities can affect the state's immigration policy. 

From Texas StandardWhen Justice Louis Brandeis described the states as laboratories of democracy, he couldn't have foreseen election day 2016. As the New York Times noted Monday, the most popular illicit drug in the nation – marijuana – could be legalized for recreational use in five more states this November. That would bring the total number to 10, including Washington, D.C.

Houston is Cracking Down on Kush Sellers

Sep 13, 2016

From Texas Standard:

The Texas Attorney General’s office and the Harris County Attorney’s Office are going after shops selling the synthetic cannabinoid Kush. Instead of prosecuting users, the offices have jointly filed 10 lawsuits against Houston-area novelty stores, where up to 40 percent of sales come from the drug. One novelty store has agreed to a nearly $1.2 million settlement after an undercover sting operation.