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dream act

Ryan E. Poppe

Some Republican lawmakers believe the Texas Dream Act is another way for the state to be involved in the act of “picking winners and losers” and they want the law to go away. Many Republican lawmakers have stated that the repeal of the state’s Dream Act would be one of their legislative priorities this session.

Efforts to stop the repeal of the Texas Dream Act, however, organized by the group Keep HB 1403, drew dozens of proponents and students affected by the law to a rally at the State Capitol Wednesday.

Crystal Chavez

Several lawmakers have already filed bills to repeal the Texas Dream Act. Texas’ incoming lieutenant governor, Sen. Dan Patrick, has vowed to repeal it during the 84th legislative session, which begins Tuesday. And Governor-elect Gregg Abbott has said if one of the bills lands on his desk, he would not veto it.

The White House

President Obama says he will act alone on immigration reform, but Republican leadership says that would poison the well of cooperation down the road. 

U.S. Government

Immigration reform goes to the House floor this week, and San Antonio Congressman Joaquín Castro has introduced an amendment to the next military budget bill that would give students with Deferred Action Childhood Arrival (DACA) status the same rights given to many international students who apply to military academies.

Tristan Ahtone / Fronteras

Fronteras: What are the prospects for immigration reform next year? Fronteras looks at how New Mexico is dealing with its drug addictions and future efforts to curb drug abuse. In the Southwest, wildlife relocations have proven successful in bringing back populations of some species, but sometimes those relocations come at a steep price. Also, California's DREAM Act has started providing financial aid for undocumented students.