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Downtown San Antonio

Cibolo Nature Center

From El Mercado to the Cove to Joe King Carrasco, the weekend is here and plenty of fun to tackle. 

San Antonio River Authority

A nightly downtown event is both one of the city's most remarkable and one of its least known. During the warm months, if you look skyward at I-35 and Camden Streets, a certain sight will take your breath away.

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San Antonio Dance Umbrella's Amy McDowell says that dance isn't for just those who already know how the steps.

Maria Carstensen

If you're walking in front of the Lila Cockrell Theatre downtown, you'll see an enormous mosaic created by Mexican Artist Juan O'Gorman

Michael Cirlos, III

A new art exhibit opened recently downtown at Centro De Artes. It's called Icons and Symbols of the Borderlands.

"Diana Molina from El Paso has curated this exhibit.  They (the pieces exhibited) are specific to the Texas Mexico Border."

Debbie Racca-Sittre runs the city's Department of Arts and and Culture and she says these 109 pieces from 25 artists all grew out of the their experiences in the Borderlands.

Courtesy Texas General Land Office

On Thursday, the San Antonio City Council decides whether to give conceptual approval to the Alamo Master Plan, which sparked weeks of passionate debate over the historic site's future.

Courtesy Weston Urban

The architects and developers behind Frost Bank’s proposed downtown San Antonio headquarters say the Alamo City skyline is lacking pizzazz, but their 400-foot, 23-story glass skyscraper could change that.

“It’s time for something new,” says Bill Butler, of Pelli Clarke Pelli architects. “The skyline is beautiful as it is--and as iconic a handful of very strong buildings make it, cities are at their best where they evolve and grow over time.”

There hasn’t been an office high-rise added to the cityscape in nearly 30 years.

Joey Palacios / Texas Public Radio

The City of San Antonio has unveiled the newly expanded Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center.  Coming in at $325 million it’s the largest capital improvement project in the city’s history 

The long-awaited new convention center with massive echoing exhibit halls and tall ceilings is ready to welcome big events and their attendees to San Antonio. “We are celebrating a new era for the convention and hospitality sector in San Antonio,” Mayor Ivy Taylor said on Tuesday at the grand opening.

The Gold Group

While local leaders are deciding the fate of the historic grounds of the Alamo, one block away an upcoming attraction promises to bring the story of the Battle for Texas to life. 

The idea is to feel as if you’ve stepped back in time. Built in the old Joske’s building in the Rivercenter Mall, visitors will walk through a series of galleries and experience the sights, sounds, and smells of the history of the Alamo.