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The Department of Veterans Affairs is now offering couples retreats to help former service members communicate with their spouses through PTSD and other life stressors. Veterans are more than 60% more likely to separate or divorce than non-veterans.

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The state Supreme Court has decided it will not rule on a same-sex divorce case involving two women from Austin because they felt they had no precedent to do so.

Angelique Naylor and Sabrina Daly were married in Massachusetts before moving to Texas.  When the relationship ended, they petitioned a Travis County Judge to grant them a divorce, which the court granted. 

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If you would like a divorce, but want to avoid the mess, a few new simple forms could be the walking papers you’ve been looking for. The Texas Supreme Court is trying to make it easier by approving divorce forms that don’t need a lawyer.

The new forms can only be used when the divorce is uncontested and the couple doesn't have child custody issues to settle or property to divide.