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City of San Antonio

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The World Heritage Festival takes place this week from Wednesday, Sept. 6 to Sunday, Sept. 10. 

Colleen Swain, director of the City of San Antonio's World Heritage Office, says the festival connects the five Missions and celebrates their World Heritage designation, which recognizes the importance of the landmarks on a world stage.

"We are the one and only World Heritage site in the state of Texas. There's only 23 in the United States," she says.

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The City of San Antonio has just completed renovations on the 1993-era Alamodome.  The 64,000 seat dome with sprawling parking lot sits just the east side of I-37 from downtown. The nearly quarter century old dome was widely seen as being in need of updating, and the city has done that. Mayor Ron Nirenberg noted to the 100-person crowd the kinds of events they targeted the 60 million dollars in renovations to attract.

Joey Palacios / Texas Public Radio

The City of San Antonio and Bexar County are preparing for hurricane Harvey, and that includes providing assistance to any evacuees that will come to the Alamo City.


The city and county activated its Emergency Operations Center Thursday as the threat from Harvey grew. Weather maps on television monitors track the storms every move. Top officials are on site to make essential decisions. San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg said at a press conference, forecasters believe this could be a damaging storm.


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The City of San Antonio's $2.7 billion proposed budget estimates a 5 percent increase for operating and capital costs in the 2018 fiscal year, and does not include a property tax rate increase. 

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Traditionally, downtown areas are centers of commerce, transportation, education and  government, and are frequently the economic anchors of their regions. 

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The City of San Antonio intends to put a perspective of equity in its budget for the 2018 fiscal year.  This means some council districts that have been at an economic disadvantage for many years could potentially see a larger share of money.  


The San Antonio Water System is stepping up enforcement since levels at the Edwards Aquifer test well triggered Stage 1 Watering Restrictions several weeks ago. 

Courtesy Animal Care Services

The City of San Antonio's Animal Care Services has been gathering public input about upcoming changes to the department's strategic plan since February.

The numerous community meetings hosted by ACS and more than 1,000 surveys English- and Spanish-language surveys submitted by San Antonio residents gave the city a plentiful amount of input to review.

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The end of the legislature session is less than three weeks away, and lawmakers in the Texas House are racing against a midnight deadline.  Bills that originated in the House must receive tentative approval by then or they die.  There are ways to resurrect the intent of the bills, but passing those measures becomes a lot more difficult.

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Named a "smart city" by the non-profit Envision America 2017, the City of San Antonio joined nine nationwide communities last week for an interactive workshop in Charlotte, North Carolina.

With the hope of creating more efficient and user-friendly systems for citizens, the Smart City initiative helps municipal governments integrate technology into city programs and routines, focusing on a range of topics, from energy, air quality and waste management.