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City of San Antonio

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A large art installation in San Antonio may be one of the city’s oddest and most-often overlooked artistic works. But that obscurity is what makes it so special to so many of its admirers.

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The McNay Art Museum’s new landscape master plan aims to make the property feel less like an exclusive, elite institution and more like an inclusive, accessible public park -- an approach embraced by museum director Richard Aste.

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The city’s paid sick time ordinance may get a new name and policies under revisions proposed by a city commission.

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Texas is one of few states not to establish a Complete Count Committee for the 2020 census, so local entities are teaming up to ensure an accurate count of all San Antonio and Bexar County residents, which is directly tied to federal funding and congressional representation.

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A joint city-county collaborative was recently tasked with coming up with a plan to curb the city's domestic violence epidemic. Thirty-five people died as a result of domestic violence in Bexar County in 2018, and the number of murders by a male intimate partner continues to rise.

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Friends, family, colleagues and admirers celebrated the life and accomplishments of Lila Cockrell, the first woman to lead San Antonio and one of the first women to lead a major U.S. city. She died on Aug. 29 at age 97.

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Last week, San Antonio City Manager Erik Walsh presented City Council with a fiscal year 2020 budget of $2.9 billion – up 3% despite a loss in revenue streams – that funds new efforts to address public safety, affordable housing and micromobility.

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The San Antonio city budget is reaching its highest amount yet at $2.9 billion. It’s a 3.1% increase over the 2019 budget.

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A San Antonio woman is suing the city of San Antonio and scooter company Lime for an injury she sustained after a scooter she was riding hit a hole in the street. 

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Riding electric scooters will be banned from sidewalks in San Antonio beginning Monday.