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Central Americans

Laurie Cook Heffron, a licensed social worker and professor of Social Work at St. Edward’s University in Austin, is co-author of the study “Latina Immigrant Women and Children’s Well-Being and Access to Services after Detention” with licensed psychologist, Gabriela Hurtado and Josie Serrata of Casa de Esperanza: National Latin@ Network for Health Families and Communities.

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The thousands of Central Americans arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border has fueled calls for increased border security and immigration reform. Officials on both sides of the border have their take on the issue, but what about thoughts from those who meet with the refugees along their journey? Jason Cone and Samuel Almeida are with Médecins Sans Frontières, better known as Doctors Without Borders.

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Central Americans Crossing Border, Overwhelming Texas Shelters

Immigrants fleeing gang violence in Central America are again surging across the U.S.-Mexico border, approaching the numbers that created an immigration crisis in the summer of 2014. While the flow of immigrants slowed for much of last year, nothing the U.S. government does seems to deter the current wave of travelers.

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Government Raids And Deports Central American Families