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Bonnie Petrie / Texas Public Radio

San Antonio has the lowest rate of HPV vaccinated children of any major city in Texas, but a cervical cancer survivor is trying to change that by telling her story.

Bonnie Petrie / Texas Public Radio

The Guinness Book of World Records has acknowledged medical robots made at the University of Texas at San Antonio are the tiniest medical robots in the world.

Imagine if a person with cancer could have an implant placed directly in their tumor to deliver precise doses of medicine to that specific area. Then, when the medicine is gone, the implant dissolves. Researchers from the University of Texas at San Antonio and the Southwest Research Institute are working together to make exactly that.

With Budd Mishkin

An intimate look at cancer from a doctor deep in the trenches. The soulful memoir is called “Cancerland.”

Texas Biomedical Research Institute

When most Americans think of tuberculosis, they think of it as an old disease that is no longer a threat. But, Texas Biomedical Research Institute President and CEO Dr. Larry Schlesinger says TB is still making people ill.